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To HeLL aNd BaCk!

LiVe AnD LeT bUrN

SaTaNs cHiLdReN
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for Lj users that have interests in the "Industrial" and "Goth" genre.
News, Music, People, Pictures.....Please share.
This is a free membership "DUH" so feel free to join.

-Please put all nude pictures behind Lj cuts
-Keep all lame ass quizs in your own Lj
-Any long ass posts put behind Lj cut
-Post a recent pic of yourself
-Be yourself

Have fun Mother Fuckers

Powered by me... cityclubfreak

*If you are having a hard time reading the entries through this journal....just highlight the text.
I'm sure you have some brains to eat.